Yamaha XSR900, born to rule
Yamaha XSR900, born to rule

This evolution in the Yamaha family, the Yamaha XSR900It is one of the few that we have seen coming from afar. Not a week has passed and we have already seen the production version of The Faster Wasp, the neo-retro designed by Roland sands to continue growing the Faster Sons family. A family that in this case comes with the sponsorship of Kenny roberts, because with the Yamaha XSR900 we seek to recall the diabolical Yamaha TZ750 of the Martian in the seventies.

Although along the way I have to admit that some details of the Sands bike have been left out, such as the interesting side shots of the tank that gave a very personal image to his creation. What has been maintained is the 60th anniversary paint scheme and the use of quality materials instead of plastic in much of its minimal bodywork.

Yamaha Xsr 900 Static 04

Tri-cylinder Crossplane online are the words that best define the engine that powers the Yamaha XSR900, although the displacement is closer to 850 cc than to the liter. This engine comes with a good dose of electronics, just like the Yamaha MT-10. We have traction control and an assisted anti-bounce clutch.

We can choose between three modes of traction control that allow a minimum or maximum intervention in driving. And we can even disconnect it. The anti-rebound clutch, called A&S, offers a lot of comfort to the user, since the lever is very light and comfortable, allowing abrupt reductions without becoming a problem.

Yamaha Xsr 900 Static 01

The aluminum chassis features a swingarm pivot axis located on the outside of the swingarm, which allows the bottom of it to be narrower. Almost as much as if it were a two-cylinder engine, so the feet are very close together, despite mounting an engine with one more cylinder.

The inverted fork In charge of the front suspension is 41 mm in diameter, and the rear shock uses the Monocross system with connecting rods. Although it comes directly from the MT-09, it has been re-calibrated for this bike. The front suspension allows you to adjust rebound, while the rear suspension can control rebound and preload.

Returning to electronics, before we forgot to mention that the engine also has electronic throttle, which allows the use of the YCC-T and that we have different power delivery maps.

Yamaha Xsr 900 Details 01

The next step will be the Yard Built transformation of this Yamaha XSR900, which will expand the range of versions to almost infinity. The one they are doing from Yamaha is quite a master move, since with a "few" models they are expanding the possibilities of the catalog and customizations in an almost exponential way. And all under the umbrella of the brand, with which the sales department will surely be delighted.

In addition to all the accessories that can be mounted on the motorcycle, we will also have the range of clothing and accessories for ourselves. The name of this range could not be other than Faster Sons, and allows us to go with the bike to match either to go to work one morning or attend a rally.

Yamaha Xsr 900 Action 03

We will have to wait until February 2016 for the Yamaha XSR900 to hit stores, so we have some time to decide whether to order one with the 60th anniversary livery, in Matt Gray or Rock Slate. Below the video and the gallery of images.

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