Yamaha MT-03, the name sounds familiar to you, but not the motorcycle
Yamaha MT-03, the name sounds familiar to you, but not the motorcycle

A few days ago we learned about the German commitment to motorcycles with a displacement of less than 400 cc, today we meet the Yamaha MT-03, a motorcycle whose name is very familiar to us, but which is a completely new model that comes after that segment that was forgotten in the drawer along with the logical motorcycles of more than 125 cc.

This Yamaha MT-03 is designed for A2 card users, for those who come from the B license or for those who are looking for a motorcycle with moderate performance and daily use. For this, a lot of emphasis is placed on the driving position, which is quite upright, a wide angle of rotation to be able to navigate without problems and a comfortable seat that does not need a ladder to reach it. To this we add a 321 cc parallel twin engine and we have a motorcycle that seems very successful for that segment.

Yamaha Mt 03 Action 04

Yamaha's idea is that If you have to drive a long time on this motorcycle, it is best to do it upright. That is why they have designed the Yamaha MT-03 so that the relationship between the seat, the handlebar and the footrests gives you an upright riding position and that it adapts to users of any size. This is completed by the profile of the tank and the holes carved into it so that you feel in harmony with the bike.

The handlebar, we have already said, allows a comfortable position, but its width also allows you to dominate the maneuvers, which together with some stops that reach the 68ยบ turning angle, they give us the opportunity to wriggle through the streets with a lot of control.

The seat is located 780 mm from the ground, and according to what they tell us, it allows you to feel inside the motorcycle, not on it. This height allows you to reach the ground with both feet. While the passenger, something very important in a motorcycle of this style, has a wide seat and aluminum handles. Although I do not know if that "second floor" will be very comfortable.

Yamaha Mt 03 Details 02

The powertrain, a 321cc parallel twin with DOHC cylinder head, four valves per cylinder and liquid cooling is basically the same as the Yamaha YZF-R3Although now they do not indicate its power, the original offered 30.9 hp at 10,750 rpm. Like the chassis, made of 35 mm diameter steel tubes. This, by having very few welds, creates a simple but resistant structure, which, in addition, uses the crankcase as a structural part in the whole. The elongated and asymmetrical swingarm allows to achieve the same dimension between axles as in the 2014 Yamaha YZF-R1. You have to see what sports have evolved in such a short time.

Yamaha Mt 03 Details 07

The wheels used by the Yamaha MT-03 are made of alloy and 10 spokes, they are shod with tires in measures 140/70 17 "behind and 110/70 17 in front. In front we find a double 298 mm diameter disc with floating caliper of two pistons, while at the rear the disc is 220 mm in diameter. The front fork is a conventional 41 mm diameter and a rear shock absorber with Monocross is used. Interestingly the press release does not state anything about ABS, but I imagine this will be standard on the bike that we find in dealerships. Otherwise it would be a disadvantage against their rivals.

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In the instruments, the equipment used is the well-known ** multifunction display, with an analog tachometer on the left **, in addition to the usual warning lights. The lighting also follows current trends, with LED technology in the position light and the taillight. The colors we can choose from are Midnight Black and Race Blu. The Yamaha MT-03 will be available from February 2016.

In the press release no one talks about what we will now have to call "old" Yamaha MT-03. the one that used the Yamaha XT engine and that we saw quite little on our streets and highways. In any case, those, now, with the "recycling" of their name, have already entered the limbo of motorcycles with more name than history.

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