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Mechanical eroticism from the hand of the new Ducati XDiavel
Mechanical eroticism from the hand of the new Ducati XDiavel

Did you like the lines of the latest version of the Ducati Diavel but did you find its lines too bland and nondescript? Didn't the rear rear end tell you anything with its single-sided swingarm, giant rear tire and 240-millimeter-wide donut? Well friend, reader, partner, you are in luck.

From Borgo Panigale comes a real slap in the face for all those designers who make bikes like donuts. The Ducati XDiavel It puts one more twist on the daring design language of its massive cruiser and is planted with a tech-futuristic design packed with truly eye-catching quality details. Come in and see, but first you have to put on the bib.

Ducati XDiavel

The spirit of Ducati could not be limited to having an ordinary cruiser like the Diavel, so they have decided to go a step further and putting futuristic design, technology and performance into a shaker, they have come up with this spectacular combination that is the XDiavel.

On the one hand they have combined the possibility of circulating on long quiet trips with excellent ergonomics and on the other the design unmistakably Ducati and the dynamic qualities of the Borgo Panigale brand. Pulling out muscle in every square centimeter and with more than daring shapes, the sole of this X Diavel is truly beastly.

The essence of the XDiavel is summarized in three numbers: 5,000, 60 and 40

The 5,000 refers to the number of revolutions per minute in which the reaches the maximum torque of 13.1 kgm. A tremendously powerful force at very low revs that favors both cruiser character and acceleration capacity. At just 2,100 rpm, the Italian twin is capable of producing 10 kgm and begins a really flat torque curve right up to the cut-off while getting 156 horsepower on the road.

But the engine is not the same as we already knew, but we could say that it is a derivation of the one that equips the Ducati Multistrada 1200. The new Testastretta DVT 1262 adopts the variable distribution system to have a much more fluid and pleasant operation while developing its full potential more efficiently, passing the regulations with note Euro 4.

And not only the novelty is in the DVT, there are many other changes such as the relocation of the water pump between the two cylinders to hide the hoses on the left side and many other new measures to make the Testastretta engine even more exclusive on a motorcycle so particular.

Turning to the second number we find that the meaning of 60 is the number of different configurations that can be done in the pilot ergonomics. The pedals can be placed in four different positions, five positions for the seat and three for the handlebars.

The passenger also has his own and the comfortable rear seat is joined by a small rear backrest to enjoy the trips or not to fly off when accelerating.

1 32 Xdiavel

Finally, the 40 is the maximum degree that the steering angle can take. Although with the Ducati XDiavel we can live an idyllic and peaceful trip, we can also push the limits and get closer to the capabilities of some sports cars without compromising comfort.

The XDiavel It is the first Ducati motorcycle in history to equip a toothed belt final driveAn unmistakable inheritance from the cruiser world but which also ensures a precise transmission to the asphalt of the force that the Testastretta DVT 1262 is capable of generating in addition to eliminating noise, limiting dirt and reducing maintenance.

17 14 Xdiavel

The single-sided swingarm With a tubular aluminum structure, it is also new and designed to house the pulleys while joining to reinforce the muscular and futuristic appearance of the set.

All the electronics that is enclosed on this bike is enviable with an extensive list: IMU Bosch with consideration of speed and inclination, Ducati Traction Control, riding modes, Bosch ABS with cornering braking, Ducati Power Launch … Electronics in abundance.

There will also be a Ducati XDiavel S that among all the attachments will have Daytime Running Light in the headlight, suspensions with DLC treatment, Brembo M50 brake calipers, special decoration, machined chassis side plates, engine belt covers in aluminum seen as the edges of the wheels of twelve spokes, two-material upholstered seat and "natural aluminum" anodized swingarm.

29 01 Xdiavel

Borgo Panigale will offer us three different customization kits depending on our taste:

  • Sport Pack: advanced handlebars, handlebar protectors, forged aluminum rims and tank cap.
  • Touring Pack: more comfortable passenger seat, backrest, magnetic tank bag and transparent plexiglas dome.
  • Urban Pack: Aluminum footpegs, aluminum frame caps, handlebar counterweights, front, rear and clutch brake reservoir caps, aluminum clutch cover, strap caps and a small front fairing.

The exhaust system is also completely new. The pipes form a 2-in-1 scheme, arranging the manifolds in such a way that the engine can be seen as much as possible while the silencer is housed in front of the rear tire and the outlets run along the right side, taking advantage of the gap left by the swingarm. monombrazo.

DPL (Ducati Power Launch): electronics dedicated to fly away

20 10 Xdiavel

If you want to play acceleration races, the new Ducati X Diavel puts at your disposal the Ducati Power Launch, a system specially designed to cut the breath of the most burned in each start. The DPL puts in line the control unit that adjusts the fuel inlet and the traction control with three levels of actuation to start like hell from a standstill.

By pressing a button dedicated exclusively to the DPL we will activate the dragster mode, then in the frame we can select the level of performance with which the maximum performance is delivered, press the clutch, put in first, accelerate fully and release the clutch to teleport to hyperspace.

The system automatically deactivates when exceeding 120 km / h, when descending from 5 km / h or when engaging third gear. In order not to burn out the clutch if you like it, a maximum limit of consecutive starts has been introduced.

25 05

Continuing with the premium line we will find a system of keyless start It detects us at a distance of two meters and reads the key code to allow the ignition to be activated without removing it.

As of February 2016 we will be able to approach the dealer for one at a price of 20,260 euros for the Ducati XDiavel and 23,290 euros for the XDiavel S.

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