Octo U, an APP that shows that you are a safe driver
Octo U, an APP that shows that you are a safe driver

It is not very common that in Motorpasión Moto we talk about an APP, much less that this editor does it, but there is always a first time. During the last GP of the Valencian Community we attended the presentation in our country of the APP Octo U (read Octo yu). An initiative from Octo, one of the world leaders in telematics services and sponsor of the Octo Pramac Ducati team of the MotoGP World Championship. In their hospitality they explained to us in detail what this App consists of. And we were even able to count on the presence of Yonny hernandez in the event.

The basis of the idea is that if we can demonstrate with objective data to our insurance company that we are good drivers, this will have to personalize the policy and its amount according to our driving quality. The words used are "pay as you go" and "pay as I drive." Something certainly opens a new window to the world of motor vehicle insurance.

Presentation Octo U Valencia 2015

The Octo U APP is based on data-retrieving technology, which more or less means that you will collect information about each of our trips. This information includes speed, braking, and acceleration. In addition to external variables driving such as weather, road and traffic conditions. With all these data, a driver's score is established through this APP.

This system, which already used in countries like the UK, allows drivers with good scores to obtain discounts on their premium through a group of partner insurers. According to Davide De Sanctis, Octo Country Manager for Spain and Portugal:

The application can be installed for free from Google Play or the Apple Store. From that moment, the APP collects and sends the data from the front end of the mobile device to the intelligence back end, which analyzes the trip in order to ensure the integrity and reliability of the final score. Using its own GPS algorithm, Octo U is able to calculate the G-force generated by our maneuvers while driving without being influenced by non-fixed data from the phone's own accelerometer. It is even capable of detecting if we are traveling in public transport instead of a car or motorcycle and discard the data of that trip.

But the abilities of this APP do not end here, since we can connect it to the “wearable” devices that we carry, and thus it will also be able to collect data on our lifestyle habits. We can even tell you our social preferences, eating and / or play habits so that the final score is much more accurate. You can integrate the APP with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and, depending on your privacy preferences, share data from your trips. Octo U connects automatically, so it does not need the user to wait to start it or not. You just go on a trip and she takes care of collecting all the necessary data. Among them we have said that the meteorology that we face is included. One of the most interesting options is that it can also notify you of the changes that may be made ahead of your route. So if you are traveling and it starts to rain a few kilometers ahead of where you are now, it alerts you so that you are prepared, and it does so in real time.

Ok, you may think that this is very good, but what is it worth for the motorcycle? We have already said that the Octo U APP allows accredit responsible driving in front of an insurance company to discount our insurance premium. According to what they told us, the sequence would be the following.

Mobile Screen App Octo U

I install the APP on my mobile and for a while I go collecting data on how I drive, where I drive and my lifestyle. With all this I go to an insurance company and request a policy. As of today, they have not yet told us which insurance companies are going to participate with Octo. More than anything because they are still negotiating with them. But they told us that they will be able to make the list public shortly.

As we have said, as soon as the companies are indicated we can go to them to request that insurance on demand that we have been promised. The next thing is that this company can install what in Octo they call a “clear box” or what is the same, a “data recorder” such as that of airplanes that records more data about our driving so that the insurer can confirm that we are good drivers. Octo also provides these "clear boxes" and even offers us cameras adapted to motorcycles or cars to record on video what may happen.

The technology of these cameras is also very interesting, since they work by recording in a loop, so we will not have eternal video files. And in the event that an incident occurs, automatically collects and archives the 10 seconds before the event and the 10 after. This file can be exported and, as they showed us in the presentation, they provide a lot of information and can be decisive when establishing guilt in an accident. This recording system fits into Spanish legislation since it is not intended to share the images with others other than insurance companies or our private use.

Finally, they also explained to us that the APP can manage the use of a smart keychain Octo U Find, which through it tells you where the keys are, or what it is attached to. Undoubtedly a help for the most recalcitrant clueless and loserdellaves.

From all this presentation it follows that the world of insurance may change quite a bit in the coming years. And that this change is for the better for users who can demonstrate that they are safe drivers compared to the surveys and statistics that are handled today in which the majority pay just for sinners. Let's see if it is true and those who really go beyond the law and do not respect the others who circulate next to them are more limited and separated from traffic.

Note: Travel and living expenses for this presentation have been assumed by Octo Telematics S.p.a. For more information, see our company relations policy.

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