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Yamaha MT-10, a ray of darkness
Yamaha MT-10, a ray of darkness

Yamaha MT-10Note this name well because I think that, as happened with the Yamaha YZF-R1, we are facing one of the bombings of the motorcycle scene in many years. The fingerboard brand is putting a number of very interesting models on the market, which seem destined to lead sales for a good season. Although not many large displacement motorcycles are sold lately, I am sure that we are going to see a few of this Yamaha MT-10 on the street.

The key is given by the phrase "MT driving technology R" This is how clear the concept of this new 1,000cc Muscle Naked. Because in it the stance of the MT models are combined with the chassis and engine of the brand's sports shoes. The result promises a lot of fun. And if we add the color Night Fluo, which will also reach other models of the MT family in 2016, any user will be able to develop their entire life without leaving the range or the brand.

Yamaha YZF-R1 engine focused on lows and mids

Yamaha Mt 10 Details 06

The use of the engine of a sports car in a Naked is nothing new, what is new at Yamaha is the use of all the technology of the sports car to tame the beast and make it accessible to the mortals of the street.

In the Yamaha MT-10 We will find the Yamaha D-Mode and YCC-T. The first, thanks to the YCC-T electronic throttle, allows you to choose between three driving modes called standard, A and B. The standard seeks to be able to use the motorcycle over the entire engine speed range and in any driving situation. Mode A brings out the lows and mids of the engine to allow even more sportiness in driving and Mode B makes the engine more compliant for easier driving.

To this we add a three-mode traction control and an assisted slipper clutch that allows the clutch discs to slip to minimize potential rear wheel bouncing on heavy downshifts or at the limit of grip. The latest gadget applied to the Yamaha MT-10 in the engine section is the cruise control, which allows you to keep the speed between 50 and 180 km / h with the push of a button whenever you drive in 4th, 5th or 6th gear.

We also know the chassis

Yamaha Mt 10 Details 01

The chassis used by the Yamaha MT-10 is directly derived from that of the Yamaha YZF-R1Although, of course, the handlebars, footpegs and seat have been adapted on it to achieve a position that allows fast driving but without having to fight head-to-head with the wind.

The tank, with very marked shapes and its air intakes, the compact side fairings and the dual optic front They have been designed looking for an aggressive and lowered appearance on the front wheel. At the rear, the tail has been greatly stylized and the swingarm, clearly inspired by R1, seems to point towards the front of the bike.

Yamaha Mt 10 Action 11

The chassis used is Detabox type and it is made of aluminum. The wheelbase is only 1,400 mm, which is achieved thanks to the chassis, but also thanks to the extra-long swingarm with a rising profile. Ahead we find a inverted fork KYB, 43 mm in diameter and 120 mm of travel with specific settings for the new motorcycle. Behind the shock absorber is also signed by KYB, which is anchored by a Monocross link system. As a novelty, this system has been designed to use the tension forces of the chain to optimize driving.

The brakes, which come with ABS as standardThey use a 320mm diameter double floating disc at the front with 4-piston radial calipers. Behind the disc is 220 mm in diameter on which a sliding pin clamp acts.

Yamaha Mt 10 Details 09

The instruments are entrusted to a Multifunction LCD display with an easy-to-read design that includes everything you need to be able to circulate. Even the gear indicator is configurable. The small front dome is angled in shape and has a small air intake and supports an LED headlight framed in a set that is mounted directly on the chassis. This, and the tail, have a series of exposed anchors to show us that the Yamaha MT-10 can be customized very easily.

And we will meet her in May 2015 2016

Yamaha Mt 10 Details 10

Come on, if things don't change much, we'll see a Yamaha MT-10 customized by one of the most important and recognized custom workshops in the world and its equivalent "production" version. Although to me with this one, as it is, it is already worth it.

The available colors will be the Night Fluo, Tech Black and Race Blu, and we will be able to enjoy it from May 2016. The price is not known at the moment. We can only show the images of the different photo galleries and a video in which the bike is not seen much.

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