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The little Ducati Scrambler is called Sixty2: 399cc and 41cv at 7,790 euros
The little Ducati Scrambler is called Sixty2: 399cc and 41cv at 7,790 euros

The "Scramblerina" is already officially presented, it is called Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 in honor of the Scrambler of 1962 and has confirmed all the rumors that had come out to date of this project. Indeed, Ducati has set to work to offer a more economical motorcycle than its current entry motorcycle, the Scrambler Icon. The responsibility of becoming Borgo Panigale's new best seller will fall on the shoulders of this Sixty2 after the final goodbye to the smallest Monsters.

What is it about? Well you see, what Ducati has wanted to do is offer the ** same philosophy and lifestyle ** that it promotes with its famous Scrambler, but at a more attractive price thanks to various component changes and the development of a new engine exclusively for the Sixty2. Turning the order of events around and, although the official prices for Spain have not yet been published, let's start by advancing the price that they talk about in various media: about 7,500 euros.

Smaller, more affordable, equally Scrambler

128 02 Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

As soon as it was presented, the first voices were heard asking for a smaller displacement Scrambler. Said and done. Today we have before us a Scrambler with a new two-cylinder L-shaped engine derived from the one used in its older brother (and in turn, from the Monster). Cubic 399cc and declares a power of 41cv at 8,750 laps and 34.3 Nm torque at 1,000 rpm less.

In the minds of those who wanted a motorcycle with a smaller displacement was being able to achieve a more contained weight, in addition to lowering the price considerably. However, our aspirations have only been partially fulfilled: the Sixty2 weighs only three kilos less in running order than its older sister. In fact and, at least in appearance, both share exactly the same steel chassis.

113 17 Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

If we look up and put the tubes of its frames aside, we will run into a 14-liter teardrop-shaped tank made of steel. This one has lost the interchangeable covers of the Scrambler Icon and its different versions, but it maintains the same retro spirit. It may not be designed for it, but those 14 liters in such a small engine can result in a remarkable range. Ago that would be in perfect harmony with the 12,000 km intervals for the most relevant revisions.

Cuts? Partly cycle

109 21 Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

In addition to having reduced the displacement, the Sixty2 has cut in other areas to reduce its price. We can see how the swingarm, made of steel, has lower quality finishes. The inverted forks have been replaced by 41mm traditional showa not adjustable and a Kayaba shock absorber with adjustable spring precarious.

Stopping power will also suffer. We lose the four Brembo radial anchor pistons for a two caliper with a 10mm smaller disc (320mm). On the rear axle, a 245mm disc with a single piston caliper. Of course, it will come as usual, with ABS as standard.

Maintains quality details such as the LED headlight or digital instrumentation

Also the wheels, as expected, are reduced in size. Back we will have a 160/60 R17 and a 110/80 R18 in front and, as standard, it will come wearing some Pirelli MT60 mixed cut that have been developed exclusively for the Scrambler.

However, the Sixty2 does not want to lose the premium status of the brand and maintains some of the quality details of the 803 such as the beautiful digital instrumentation or the headlight with an LED line around it.

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