Tucano Urbano Deluge
Tucano Urbano Deluge

A few years ago a famous soft drink brand left the phrase "for everyone" burned into our subconscious. Phrase that Tucano Urbano now recovers for his three new rain teams, because the Tucano Urbano Diluvio Easy, Plus and Rex They are intended both for those who occasionally ride a motorcycle and for those who have the seams of their motorcycle seat tattooed on the rear.

Three divisible sets that promise maximum waterproofing and breathability and that are capable of passing the tests of PPE certified homologation in these two sections. Without a doubt, a guarantee that they will fulfill their mission when we need them.

The set Tucano Urbano Diluvio Rex It is the top of the range, it has reflective inserts on the back, sleeves and sides of the jacket and a band, also reflective on the outside of the trouser legs. So they will surely see you without problems.

The jacket and trousers are lined, and the inside of the jacket collar is lined with soft velvet to make it more comfortable. The zipper of the jacket is protected with a water-repellent fold to ensure that not a drop of water will enter through it, no matter how much it rains.

To facilitate the operation of putting on the pants, these have a side zipper that reaches the knee, and to guarantee that it adjusts to your figure it has a drawstring at the waist and elastics in the ankle area. As we have already said, this equipment complies with class 3 waterproofing, capable of supporting 1,300 mm of water column, and also class 3 breathability. The price of the Tucano Urbano Diluvio Rex is 119.90 euros (VAT included).

The set Tucano Urbano Diluvio Plus It is approved with class 1 waterproofing and class 3 breathability, so its claims are a little lower than those of the previous set. Its price is 74, 90 euros (VAT included).

Finally the set Tucano Urbano Diluvio Easy It is the lowest step in the range and is designed for occasional use and short trips. Its price is 54.90 euros (VAT included).

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