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BMW R 1200 RS, test (evaluation, gallery and technical sheet)
BMW R 1200 RS, test (evaluation, gallery and technical sheet)

With more slowness than we are used to, we reached the end of the test of the new BMW R 1200 RS which, honestly, we have loved. From minute one in which we get on and until we leave it resting again in the exterior facilities that BMW has in the Jarama Circuit, we had a lot more fun with her than we originally thought.

Which may be due? The truth is that we could not assure you one hundred percent. It may have been a accumulation of positive feelings all of them contained in a motorcycle and that manages to recover that sport-touring spirit that with rare exceptions seems to advocate disappearance.

The new one BMW R 1200 RS It is offered in two different colors: Basis and Style 2. In the Basis, the main color is the one you can see in the photos, a combination of Lupinblau Blue metallic and Lightgrey gray also metallic. The central coating of the tank is in synthetic material with a matt metallic granite gray color while the frame is black, the same color that we find on the brake calipers.

In the case of Style 1, the main colors are granite gray metallic with Blackstorm black metallic. The frame is Achatgrau gray metallic while the deflector uses the same colors as the bike. A stainless steel strip adorns the reservoir to finish off the gold anodized calipers.

The base price of the BMW R 1200 RS It is 14,250 euros. From there and as you know, the list of options can get dizzy, as well as the final price. That already as standard have ABS and traction control It is an advantage, although if you really want to get the most out of your boxer (more than you can imagine and so far we can count), it is advisable to install the pro package that will allow you to explore the sport side even more without also being harmed by a intrusive electronics.

I imagine that by now you are wondering where the new BMW Sport-Touring fails and the truth is that we ourselves are also wondering. It has been a short contact in which we have not been able to put her in trouble but at the same time, we have not detected any weak points. Something similar to what happened to Jesus when the BMW R 1200 R. took off and the truth is that if it falls into our hands again we will have to spin very fine.

BMW R 1200 RS - Technical sheet

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