The Kymco Xciting 400i ABS makes the leap to smartphones and tablets
The Kymco Xciting 400i ABS makes the leap to smartphones and tablets

Kymco has decided to convert his latest and successful scooter, the Kymco Xciting 400i ABS (of which you can read our test) in a two point zero vehicle and for this and as a novelty in Spain on this subject, it has launched a free mobile APP for both smartphones and tablets (Android and IOS) and with which to take a tour virtual scooter features.

Logically we were not going to stay in just transmitting a cold and impersonal press release so immediately what we did was download it and take a tour of it to tell you first-hand what exactly it consists of.

Once we have easily searched for it in the Play Store, we proceed to download and install it on our device. Have a total size 45, 86 megabytes, something normal if we take into account that we will have access to a lot of photographs and even the promotional video of the model that we already showed you at the time together with the test.

More than a PPP in general terms, it is a virtual catalog which has the advantage that it shows us the information in a more comfortable and manageable device than the computer screen.

We are used to sometimes being done specific websites for some models in which to be able to interact and know all the information. This new Kymco APP Pull along those paths in which step by step they explain all the characteristics, details, functionalities (the combination of photographs in which you can see the motorcycle with the lights off and on, for example) is very interesting, with very smooth transitions between screens and very intuitive.

We may broadly think that it does not contribute much, but on the contrary. People increasingly use their smartphones and tablets to navigate comfortably from the sofa (from using the desktop PC to the laptop and now to handheld devices) and not all interactive websites get along well with these devices and their languages.

With the new application of Kymco, pioneer of this type in Spain, makes it easier to reach many more people and show them your product in a much more enjoyable way than the traditional one.

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