Al, the jumper, or how to jump two motorcycles at the same time
Al, the jumper, or how to jump two motorcycles at the same time

As they say in the extreme stunt videos, never try to do this at home, even if you have enough space to two motorcycles are thrown towards you at a speed of 110 km / h not even the ceiling of your living room is high enough so that your head does not stumble when jumping to pass over those two motorcycles.

Jokes aside, you have to discover yourself in front of Al the jumper, which is able to keep calm when a Ducati 1199 899 Panigale and a Kawasaki ZX-10R head towards him and after three small steps he is able to jump both without touching them and with a certain margin of space, in addition to falling to the ground like the you just jump rope. As that one said, there is always someone who is capable of doing a stranger stunt than yours to take the laurels.

Then, Googling a bit, you discover that the world record for vertical jump without a run is at 117 cm, while the record for taking some run is at 115.5 cm. Both keeping the legs straight and without flexing. And that someone so famous for his jumps as Michael Jordan appears in the ranking with 122 cm tall, almost nothing compared to the 152.5 cm that Kadour Ziani sat at the time (measuring 154.6 cm).

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