Naked Speed, a new reality TV show
Naked Speed, a new reality TV show

Fortunately, as unpleasant news grows on television news, we can take refuge in the increasingly wide range of programs dedicated to motoring. And thanks to this Naked Speed (Naked Speed) It seems that we will be able to see a few constructors around the world transform motorcycles to become Cafe Racer, Streetfigthers or motorcycles for uncompromising acceleration races.

Those in charge of carrying out the program are Bryan Fuller and Mike Seate. While the former is a manufacturer of custom vehicles with some renown on television, the latter is a founding journalist for Cafe Racer magazine who has also appeared on some television programs about the custom world.

The series premieres on Wednesday the 28th at 10:00 p.m. Central time on the channel. Velocity. Let's see if with a little luck this series reaches our screens and we can see more interesting things than those that the Teutul fighters offered us or those strange episodes of "the best motorcycle" that lasted a sigh a few months ago.

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