What are KTM's options to enter MotoGP in 2017?
What are KTM's options to enter MotoGP in 2017?

As happened last year with Aprilia and Marc VDS as well as a little earlier with Suzuki to be part of the MotoGP World Championship, KTM It is in the position of deciding how to return to the highest category of competition on two wheels. In both cases they were shuffling three options: enter as a factory team, enter with a new team already formed from another category or use one of those that already have a fixed place in MotoGP.

The first two options are the worst from an economic point of view since the newly arrived teams do not have financial aid (we already talked about it when Scott Redding was looking for equipment). In total, the estimate is the renunciation of a total of 1.6 million euros spread over 1.2 million from IRTA and 400,000 from Bridgestone (we assume that with the switch to Michelin it will remain roughly the same amounts).

Suzuki decided to enter as a factory team while Scott Redding will do it with Marc VDS, as you can see, the first two options. Aprilia was the one that finally chose the third together with the already assembled structure of Fausto Gresini, and we explain the reasons for this. So as we said at the beginning, KTM now has a duty to look what is he going to do in two seasons.

In the category of Moto3, the union with the Red Bull KTM Garlic It has given them very good results and it seems that it is one of the strongest options that they are working on. They have the sponsorship of another Austrian company such as Red bull, always closely linked with KTM and also experience in working with WP suspensions which is also another added value. Also next year they will have structure in Moto2, with Johann zarco and Kalex chassis in what will also be a laboratory bike for the development of suspensions for MotoGP.

Otherwise, they would use an existing equipment but the options are not that they are not many either since we are talking about a total of 3 + 1 possibilities: Avintia, M7 Aspar and Forward Racing, with the option of Marc VDS who signed with Honda for 2015 and 2016 so the year of KTM's return would theoretically be without a motorcycle. But this does not mean that KTM rules out entering as a factory team since, as in the case of Garlic, sure red bull they go hand in hand with them.

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