1948 Ford V8 powered trike
1948 Ford V8 powered trike

Every now and then, I think very occasionally, one of these three-wheeled contraptions so popular on the other side of the ocean comes across the road that I am deeply struck by it. That a Trike It catches my attention and I say that it is quite rare, mainly because the execution of them tends to be sloppy or too overloaded for my liking. But today I came across this one that I think reaches a pretty good level.

It seems that the manufacturing started from two elements as disparate as a chassis of Harley-Davidson Service car, the tricycles of the American brand that the police and a good number of companies used for many years in their home delivery, and a Ford V8 engine late 40's. The combination, I say, is pretty clean.

At the rear, it uses a differential of unknown origin, but essential to be able to corner without skidding with those huge tires. The front wheel, on which a suspension that looks like springer type, It has a perimeter brake as used by the Buells. Although the diameter and the little tire it carries gives the feeling of being almost a bicycle.

The handling does not look as agile as that of a Japanese sports car, but it does not seem to be very complicated. It even has reverse gear, which surely comes from the original Ford V8 engine gearbox, and makes the invention much easier to handle. Although I have to admit that what I liked the most was the sound that that engine makes with the practically free exhausts that it has.

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