Hevik HAC204 balaclava, warm and windless
Hevik HAC204 balaclava, warm and windless

I imagine that those of you who live in colder areas than Alicante, this garment will be among those necessary to survive the winter. Because the Hevik HAC204 Balaclava It is specifically designed to be worn under the helmet and guarantees you ideal protection against wind and cold in sensitive areas such as the neck and face.

For this protection, the upper part is made of lycra, which protects from the wind allowing the skin moisture to escape and it remains at a comfortable temperature. The lower part is designed to be placed under the jacket between the collar of the jacket and what we wear underneath. Thus, being made of neoprene it acts as a windbreak and blocks the passage of air and water in that area. Making a part that is normally quite unprotected airtight.

The shape of this Hevik garment is ergonomic, snug and remains comfortable as its seams are made flat to prevent irritation to the skin where they come into contact with it. The price of Hevik HAC204 balaclava is 20.90 euros (VAT included). I imagine that thanks to the lycra it will adapt without problems to any head size, because in the note that they have passed us they do not talk about sizing.

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