Guy Martin on the Britten V1000, when the enthusiast finds his muse
Guy Martin on the Britten V1000, when the enthusiast finds his muse

In our beloved world there are a lucky few with the possibility of riding and riding some of the most important motorcycles in history. I bet if we did a survey among all of us, one of the bikes that would be repeated the most would be the Britten V1000. As you know, this V1000 is the masterpiece of a New Zealander named John Britten(part I and II) that in 1992, having already founded the company with his name, shook the path marked to date. To get an idea, we are talking about a motorcycle that reached 170 cv with two-cylinder engine and stayed at 138kg … At a time when the maximum expression of sportsmanship was marked by the Honda CBR 600F or the Kawasaki "Telefónica".

Guy martinDuring one of his visits to the islands, he was able to remove the thorn in the facilities of the Manfeild circuit:

All this must be owed to Kevin Grant, owner of one of these units for 17 years. He bought it for a price of around 150,000 dollars, although he indicates that it could well exceed one million today (although he does not specify if we are talking about the kiwi currency or US dollars). This particular unit was the one that managed to finish the Tourist Trophy. Guy, with the face that any other motorcycle lover would have, seems surprised by the poor transition between braking and driving, as if you were on a magic carpet.

On one of the New Zealand news channels you also have a report on the event and a complete interview with the English pilot available.

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