Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa debut the 2015 Honda RC213V
Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa debut the 2015 Honda RC213V

After the unstable weather that the team members suffered yesterday Repsol Honda Team (and for many years), today has been a good test day at the Brno Circuit despite the fact that there is little rubber on the track and the grip was not excessive. After riding all morning with the current bike, Marc Márquez has decided and as an aperitif before eating to go out with the new prototype that HRC is developing for next year.

Dani pedrosa has done the same below to once put to the test, comment to the HRC engineers who have expressly come to this training and to the members of their teams the positive aspects and those that need to be improved in the next versions.

Both drivers have completed a good handful of laps and Marc Márquez, caught again at Turn 5 like yesterday after losing the front wheel. At the end of the day, the Lleida man completed 53 laps with this season's bike and 20 with the prototype, while Dani pedrosa it was 41 and 16 respectively.

Marc Márquez

Márquez highlighted the improvement in cornering with the new bike (Yamaha trembles) while Pedrosa focused on adjusting the different options of the power maps. Tomorrow Thursday will be the third and last day of testing before the summer break until the Indianapolis race.

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