Young man, without a license, stamps his homemade scooter in Vigo
Young man, without a license, stamps his homemade scooter in Vigo

Summer never ceases to amaze. This morning I read in Faro de Vigo that a twenty-something in Vigo he has stamped his scooter against the back of a vehicle parked in the driveway. The fact that the young person does not have a driver's license or was wearing a helmet and was traveling at a speed higher than the allowed speed does not stop entering what you could qualify as "normal". The curious thing comes later, when police sources indicate that the scooter in question had been built by himself or by one of his brothers.

They mention in the news that the vehicle had been assembled piece by piece, as if it were a motorcycle from "Mad Max". Seen this way, the reader is invited to be outraged or, at least, to laugh at the intrepid builder's health. And that's where I'm going, I'm probably letting my imagination run wild, but didn't all these famous builders start that way? I'm sure that at some point, guys like Roland Sands walked the streets of California with some of their earliest creations, well beyond the legal framework.


The guy, with no prior record, may not even like motorcycles, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Imagine for a moment how the arrest of a trial rider could be drafted: Young man without a license and with a motorcycle without insurance arrested when he caused serious damage to the environment. Ah, well, that already happens. Of course, I hope you have learned your lesson and, in the future, be consistent and responsible when you go out on public roads.

And remember, there are also many motorcycles suffering out there.

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