NZI teams up with Flash Gordon to decorate our heads
NZI teams up with Flash Gordon to decorate our heads

I do not know about you, but it is to me to hear the words Flash gordon and immediately the song that Queen made for the film that was released in the eighties about the American hero comes to mind. That movie marked a few fifteen-year-olds despite (or perhaps because of) how "bad" or papier-mâché it looked next to those of Star Wars or Superman. Luckily the following year we were able to see Raiders of the Lost Ark and forget about the cardboard of that Flash Gordon, but not about the curves of Ornella Muti embodying princess Aura.

Buff, what a cinematic flashback I just had, focusing on the topic at hand, NZI presents us with a collection of Helmets illustrated with scenes from early Flash Gordon comics. Specifically, we can see five full-color scenes on the NZI Vintage II jet helmet and another two on the NZI Must full-face helmet.

The prices of these decorated helmets are 119 euros for the NZI Vintage II jet and 164 euros for the integral NZI Must. both helmets are made of thermoplastic resin, use a micrometric closure, their interior is removable and the screen is 3D.

I don't want to let this moment go by without commenting that when a press release like this arrives, the first thing we editors do is look for data and some extra material to enrich the work. But in this case, when looking for information about Flash gordon I have come across a terrible version on wikipedia in Spanish of its equivalent in English. More than anything because the Spanish version confuses the eighties movie with the original plot drawn by Alex Raymond.

In that original plot the story begins with the earth bombarded by meteorites. Dr. Zarkov invents a rocket to locate the origin of these meteorites in outer space. Half mad kidnaps Flash and Dale, whose plane had crashed in the area where the doctor's laboratory is, and the three of them leave for the planet that threatens the earth. In subsequent installments they discover that meteorites are weapons launched by Emperor Ming the Ruthless, the evil ruler of the planet Mongo.

With how easy it would have been to take a look at the reproduction of those early Flash Gordon cartoons instead of pulling the memory blurred by the movie.

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