Why I ride? A miniseries to keep in mind
Why I ride? A miniseries to keep in mind

Why I Ride is a motorcycle miniseries in its maximum and purest meaning. Its production, financing etc … is handled by an insurance company, Esurance, who at times seem to encourage their customers to ride dangerous motorcycles. Through different episodes of about five minutes, we will meet one of those enthusiasts who lives by and for the motorcycle, his machine and some of the anecdotes that surround him. Just a couple of days ago Esurance premiered - with great success - its first episode. In it we will meet Matthew Work, a guy who during the 90s was involved in a multitude of software and technology startups but, one day, decided to sell to dedicate himself to his greatest passion.

With this in mind, he founded and opened Piston & Chain, a San Francisco motorcycle club that serves as a meeting place for other motor enthusiasts. Among his hundreds of experiences, he tells with special affection the trip that, as a young man, he made from San Francisco to New York aboard the 1976 BMW R75 / 6 that he still owns. A motorcycle, for those obsessed with figures, that is around 50 hp and reaches 170 km / h with difficulty.

If you are curious to know where the first chapter was shot, head over to the web and go to the routes section. All the information you could need is there. To maintain the quality of this first installment, the guys from Esurance will keep me on top of their channel for the next few weeks …

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