Premier Trophy helmet, another retro helmet option
Premier Trophy helmet, another retro helmet option

Finally it seems that some (mental) sanity is coming to the world of retro motorcycles, custom, or whatever you want to call them. Little by little, the brands of equipment for bikers are filling a gap that was left empty and that affected the safety of many people. I'm talking about finally we can choose from a few retro looking full face helmets. The excuse of saying that the image of your (write here the brand you want) does not fit a modern full face helmet is no longer valid.

First was the Ruby castel, a very expensive helmet with latest generation materials and very retro aesthetics. Then came the Bitwell Gringo, a cheap helmet made in the USA that recalls the first integral. Not long ago we saw that Bell he got on the bandwagon with his Bullit helmet, which is yet to hit the market. And now those who get on the bandwagon are Premier's people, who bring us the Premier Trophy.

Although to be honest, I have the feeling that this helmet was already in the catalog and nobody had noticed. Anyway, we are in front of a helmet made in what they call Premier DCA (Dyneema, carbon and aramid) with a 2mm thick polycarbonate screen. All materials that promise quality and safety. The helmet is available in three sizes, medium, large and extra-large. Although the price I have not been able to find it on the Premier website, which is quite late in its updates.