What do you do to protect the environment? the question of the week
What do you do to protect the environment? the question of the week

This morning I read a news item on MotoGP.com which explained that the oil company Repsol, which sponsors teams in the Moto3 and MotoGP category of the World Championship, has offset the emissions corresponding to the 2012 World Cup so that the balance of the global emissions of the event is zero and thus contribute its grain of sand to environmental sustainability. The chosen system has been the voluntary purchase of a series of carbon credits from a project in a developing country. Specifically from a project in Brazil in which a ceramic industry has substituted the use of wood for renewable biomass as fuel.

Seeing the interest that large companies such as Repsol have in these environmental issues, at Motorpasión Moto we want to know what you do, to the extent of your possibilities to collaborate in environmental sustainability in the field of driving your motorcycle.

What do you do to protect the environment?

Last week we asked you if you feel watched when you go out for a ride with the motorcycle. And it seems that the feeling is quite ingrained between us. Among the answers that you have left us, the one from doctor_crisis stands out:

Thank you very much for participating and share your opinions on these issues. We remind you that comments are blocked here, because you have to leave them in the Motorpasión Moto Answers section.

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