BMW presents the BMW R 1200 R "DarkWhite"
BMW presents the BMW R 1200 R "DarkWhite"

Bmw A special version of your BMW R 1200 R will be available at your dealers from October 1. Its biggest differences compared to the one that Jesus could test a few months ago are centered on its decoration and it will be called BMW R 1200 R "DarkWhite".

What BMW has done has been emphasize the sporty look of the bike. As its name suggests, it combines pieces in white with others in black as well as some in gray. As for its part of the cycle, it remains unchanged as well as the 110 hp boxer engine.

The tank, the side covers and the fender in the BMW R 1200 R "DarkWhite" It is white while the rims, swingarm, cardan and fork will come in black. The chassis is now painted gray. As accessories, it has a higher screen to protect the pilot a little more as well as a more sporty seat.

The price of the BMW R 1200 R "DarkWhite" It is 13.864 €, slightly more than five hundred euros more expensive than the normal version from which it derives.

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