Valentino Rossi will have his own team in Moto3 with Romano Fenati and the sponsorship of Sky
Valentino Rossi will have his own team in Moto3 with Romano Fenati and the sponsorship of Sky

It is not the first time, far from it, that rumors have been heard about the possibility that Valentino rossi have your own team in another category, but this time it's a fact. The Team VR46 will be part of the grid of Moto3 next year 2014, and it comes with the healthy intention of giving the Italian riders a necessary push. The news has been confirmed by the main sponsor of the project, the television channel Sky.

In addition, with the Italian genius involved, as you well know, the project looks very good. At the beginning it will have two KTM of the black leg, and we already know that one of them will go to the great Italian hope, Romano Fenati, What little has he been able to do lately about the lower one Sling in the category. Nothing is officially known about the other motorcycle about its future owner, but rumors are being heard that it will be for Luca Marini, which would not be very strange considering that he is Rossi's brother …

For its part, Sky Sports It enters fully into the championship since, in addition to this sponsorship, as of 2014 it will have the exclusive broadcast of all the events of the World Championship, and there is even talk that they will make a specific channel for everything that it gives. MotoGP.

So good news, since everything that is new teams and sponsors will be well received. It goes without saying that if it bears Valentino's signature, it will always generate great attention. At the moment, it seems that Rossi begins to carve out a future for when his retirement arrives, hehe, and here are his concise and clear words about this project:

Regardless of other things, the truth is that the intention of giving greater visibility to some Italian pilots that the poor little ones of mine are lately under the long shadow of our pilots, who are undoubtedly the world reference right now. We will closely follow this exciting new project.

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