USA is not the paradise we all think of
USA is not the paradise we all think of

We have always believed that the USA is something like a transformation paradise due to the few restrictive laws that exist throughout the country. But it turns out that there is California Air Resources Board (literally California Air Resources Board), for short CARB. Which is an appendix of the administration in charge of ensuring air pollution in the state. If you wonder what this has to do with motorcycles, the quick answer is that they are in charge of complying with the homologated emissions in all vehicles. If you add to this that in the USA they are very fond of changing the original exhausts for others that are not approved, you already have the perfect ingredients so that paradise is not such.

What happens is that the CARB, instead of chasing users who change their exhausts with catalytic converter for others without catalytic converter, what it does is put some Million-dollar fines to manufacturers that put those leaks up for sale more pollutants. Vance & Hines received a $ 500,000 "prescription" in January, while Akrapovic already paid a similar fine in April this year.

The argument of the brands, specifically the one expressed by Tom Trobaugh who is the coordinator of the North American brand of exhausts, is that exhausts are not mounted alone on motorcycles. So what CARB should do is go after the users of the product, not the manufacturers. He also says this is like, yeah When someone kills a person with one shot, the one who ends up in jail is the manufacturer of the weapon or the ammunition. Finally, it says that the CARB focuses on those exhausts that are not catalyzed while it does not say anything about the noise of those same exhausts, which by not being catalyzed also make more noise than the approved one.

Either way, for now The CARB has imposed millionaire fines to Yamaha and Suzuki for selling field bikes that were not homologated. BMW has been fined nearly $ 100,000 for selling a dozen street bikes that were not yet homologated. Although the most curious thing is that CARB only has jurisdiction in California, so surely there is some legal way to homologate modified vehicles in any of the bordering states and bypass these restrictions. Because, although this happens in the USA, it is still a matter of putting money on the table to comply with the approvals.

Evil of many, consolation of fools, but this news leaves a certain aftertaste in your mouth, because it shows that absurd legislators are not the patrimony of any country, but of all humanity.

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