Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i, test (city and highway driving)
Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i, test (city and highway driving)

As we mentioned yesterday, the Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i It does have a Gran Turismo size that allows it to house a Nordic size rider like me, for example. However, its overall dimensions are quite contained so it will impress the female audience less while feeling much lighter.

We had not commented on it yet but the scale shows figures of 164 kg for him Kymco Yager GT 125i and of 173 kg for him Kymco Yager GT 300i. To give us an idea, the recently presented and tested Kymco K-XCT weighs, respectively, 400 grams more in each of its two versions.

Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i, large size for all sizes

Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i
Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i

We did not go up to Kymco Yager GT 300i In the first place, although as its size is identical, what we comment on one also serves for the Kymco Yager GT 125i. Our first sensations reminds us of the posture, especially of the hands, of the Suzuki Burgman 125. However, the posture we adopt on the seat is different since we are a little higher but still, the ground is easily reached thanks to the narrowness of this and of the platform. The seat is 760mm from the ground.

Despite having the fuel tank under the flatbed, this it is not too high as in the K-XCT. It was something that seemed strange to us in posture. Speaking of the platform is very long with what the knees will never hit us on the shield, even though we are long-legged, but also, we can stretch our legs to a more advanced position as well as we can transport objects with greater ease.

Kymco Yager GT 300i, maximum agility in the city

Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i
Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i

We turn the ignition key and after the check we press the start button. One hundred percent Kymco sound. It draws our attention that we have to e manually turn on the lights. It is one of the prices to pay when a scooter is sold in more markets where it is not mandatory to drive with them on.

We start to travel the first few meters on the back of the Kymco Yager GT 300i. As soon as we turn the throttle, the propeller delights us with a forceful push from the first laps brimming with torque. However, the cycle part also reveals strange behavior to us.

If we realize, when we accelerate a motorcycle (it is perfectly appreciated in scooters), the rear suspension rises because when accelerating, the rear wheel tends to dig into the ground. It is not the same dynamic as at the exit of a curve when you do duck. Here, in those moments when we come out of a stoplight, there is always a stretch of the rear shock absorber.

In this case it also happens but much more accused. From above it gives the feeling as if the wheelbase narrows a lot, although as soon as we have picked up some speed it quickly recovers. This movement does not affect stability at any time, much less, but it was there and it seemed strange to us. Or rather, not strange but very marked.

Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i
Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i

We thought at first that this increase in suspension travel brought with it a greater dead zone but after checking by getting up and sitting down again that it was normal, we came to the conclusion that it could be due to a soft first stroke with little hydraulic retention what does your driving do in areas with bad asphalt very comfortable.

And it is that in addition to being comfortable the Kymco Yager GT 300i (and the Kymco Yager GT 125i) are extremely agile between traffic. At the slightest hint of his handlebar, we have him already in that little hole. We are the Marc Márquez of scooters putting the motorcycle on.

But beware, agile in this case does not mean nervous as on other occasions. Step perfectlyAbove all, it is necessary for the front wheel to do so, so we can support ourselves with peace of mind.

The braking it is very forceful, of the best that we have tested on a scooter taking into account the dimensions of the discs and the segment in which it belongs. They are dosable and have a bite in addition to knowing at all times how much you are braking (especially behind to avoid blocking). At the moment they do not have ABS as an option.

Kymco Yager GT 300i, let's go by road

Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i
Kymco Yager GT 125i / 300i

The route we take with the Kymco Yager GT 300i It contained a lot of city and a bit of Barcelona ring roads so it is not that we could get the most out of the Yager GT's performance. The truth is that we are left wanting to seek a little more tickling, especially to tell you about his behavior near the limit.

Even so, we were able to draw some conclusions. The 300 engine (we'll talk about the 125 tomorrow) has enough oomph up to 80-90 km / h which allows us to go through the rounds of the city without problems knowing that we have a gas reserve. On the highway it also behaves well, although we could not see when the road shows an unfavorable orography, how much speed we lose.

This is when we pull in declared data and see that the engine gets five less horsepower than the Kymco K-XCT 300i so the benefits will be a little lower than this. I therefore recommend that you take a look at the test we did back in the day.

We had no problem with the easel tilting so apparently it is at a height correct. Next time I will go around a few roundabouts that are favorable to see what happens. If it does not touch … it does not pay.

The aerodynamic protection it is good as well as the vision of the traffic that we have behind through the mirrors. Its location allows us to see back through more than three-quarters of the mirror.

Finally we highlight again Kymco Yager GT 300i brakes. Strong and with a good bite. We can attack a highway exit, that traffic light that closes on us or that dangerous situation with total confidence even if you are like me and you like to brake with just one finger.

As the road and highway performance are very similar, tomorrow we will talk about the differences in behavior with the Kymco Yager GT 125i and what it offers us to be able to take the passenger.

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