Loyalty to a brand, or motorcycle, is not being a better driver
Loyalty to a brand, or motorcycle, is not being a better driver

Lately I have read, and heard, some comments that have left me pensive and ojiplático. Specifically, these comments went in the direction that Those people only rode their motorcycles, of a specific brand, some even came to despise the rest of the motorcycles. A server, who in this matter of getting on a motorcycle, has few scruples, I cannot help but be surprised by this misunderstanding fidelity.

Above all, because there is a maxim that says that if you always drive the same vehicle, in the end you do not even realize the possible problems that appear in it. Let's see if I can explain myself without going around the bush a lot.

A few years, months, or even days ago, you got the license that allows you to drive motorcycles. Since then you have ridden your motorcycle and at the same time you have been learning what to do when you come across situations that they told you at the driving school at the time, but that if you have not experienced them in the first person it is of little use that they have told you. What happens is that many limit themselves to repeating the same route day after day and this can become a problem.

Problem why the motorcycle will deteriorate as it makes kilometers, mechanics is not eternal. Tires wear out, or simply go flat, suspensions deteriorate with use. The chain slackens, the brakes wear out. Thus, if this user does not perform adequate maintenance, which goes beyond going to the official workshop on time to pass the inspections, his driving will adapt to these deficiencies. With how dangerous this can be.

Nor is it a plan that you are obsessed with the maintenance of your motorcycle. But something as simple as getting on another motorcycle can help you very well to appreciate if something is not going well with yours. Of course, if you can participate in a course, after getting your driving license and whatever the weather, the option is perfect to learn more about how to be a better driver.

The experience of trying other motorcycles can enrich your driving, but you don't need to be a professional tester. Going back to getting on other motorcycles, it's not about being a professional tester either, of those that are very few, but have enough references to appreciate the differences with our own motorcycle. If you vary the motorcycle with a certain frequency, you will get used to checking the position of the mirrors and the handles every time you get on a motorcycle. It will allow you to appreciate different touches of the clutch, the bite of the brakes or if those tires, which your friends praised so much, do not give you the confidence you thought.

The same is true for those who only drive in sunny and / or good weather. What if one day the rain catches you away from home and you can't stop until the storm passes? You have to know the response of your bike on wet ground, gravel or dirt. How you can dose the grip and power applied to the road in bad conditions. And this can only be achieved by traveling many kilometers, on different types of roads and in any weather condition.

So now you know, if you boast that you only get on a certain motorcycle, of a certain brand, maybe you would have to think about being less faithful to her and maybe that way you improve your driving.

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