Valentino Rossi, the fifth most earning driver according to Forbes
Valentino Rossi, the fifth most earning driver according to Forbes

I imagine you are familiar with the lists produced by Forbes magazine about the athletes who make the most profits, or the richest rich, we go from the pasty in general that with dizzying figures leave our modest salaries at the height of minutiae. On this occasion, Forbes has made public the list of last year's highest paid motor racing drivers. Well, to be exact, Forbes counted revenue in the 12 months prior to June of this year.

And of course, the list is full of Formula One or American Nascar drivers, all of them headed by Fernando Alonso who is crowned as the highest paid driver in the world, with an income of around 30 million dollars. But it should also be noted in the fifth position of a motorcycle racer. Don't tell me you can't imagine who he is?

Valentino rossi
Valentino rossi

It could not be other than the Italian Valentino Rossi, the only motorcycle rider who is on the Forbes top ten list. Rossi made $ 22 million in one year, ahead of F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel, who earned 18 million. Those 22 million dollars are divided between what he receives from his salary and what he receives from his sponsors.

Here you have the complete list.

    Fernando Alonso, F1. Total revenue $ 30 million

    Lewis Hamilton, F1. Total revenue $ 27.5 million

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. of NASCAR. Total revenue $ 26 million

    Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR. Total revenue $ 24 million

    Valentino Rossi, MotoGP. Total revenue $ 22 million

    Tony Stewart, NASCAR. Total revenue 18.5 million USD

    Jeff Gordon NASCAR. Total revenue 18.2 million USD

    Sebastian Vettel, F1. Total revenue $ 18 million

    Danica Patrick, NASCAR. Total revenue $ 15 million

    Jenson Button, F1. Total revenue $ 14 million

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