Chris Pfeiffer visits the Akrapovic factory
Chris Pfeiffer visits the Akrapovic factory

Those who understand this say that Akrapovic is the most influential and innovative brand on the market manufacturers of exhaust pipes for motorcycles, cars and sports vehicles in general. To demonstrate his leadership, Akrapovic has taken Chris pfeiffer for a ride with his BMW F 800 R around the facilities of the Ivancna Gorica factory (Slovenia). Thus, in addition to visiting the facilities, we can see the four-time Stunt world champion defying the laws of physics in the middle of the factory.

Because Akrapovic offers us the same carbon fiber, titanium, specific technology and other materials that the best riders use for our particular motorcycles. The visit is the most complete, showing from the factory parking lot, the ceilings (yes, it also passes through the ceilings), the welding stations, the workshops with test benches, the most sophisticated machinery or even the laboratories. All this without getting off the bike, and without practically putting one foot on the ground.

In the words of Chris Pfeiffer himself:

I wonder what Chris Pfeiffer would do with the Akrapovic Morsus, which appears predatory in some shots in the video. Would you be able to do the same as with the BMW F 800 R?

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