BMW F800 GS Adventure, consumer test (bonus track)
BMW F800 GS Adventure, consumer test (bonus track)

Yesterday we commented in the theoretically last part of the test, that given that in the routes we did we far exceeded 2,500 kilometers in total on the back of the BMW F800 GS Adventure, why didn't we do a last article with the consumption data and utilization so that readers can get an idea of your spending.

And said and done, we have synthesized the data corresponding to the test. In the following table, you can see the kilometers traveled, the liters consumed, the consumption, the theoretical autonomy, type of road, if there was something special on the route and if we had luggage or passengers. The pace has always been medium / high on conventional roads and at 120-130 km / h marker on the motorway.

As you can see in the totals and considering that the BMW F800 GS Adventure he always had his suitcases placed, something not very aerodynamic to say, the average consumption has been 5, 08 l / 100. With this we have a motorcycle that your theoretical autonomy is 486 kilometers on average.

In the same way and as we all know, consumption is very velocity sensitive. When the route included road and motorway, the consumptions were in the average, that is, a little above 5 l / 100. However, when the route was always on the highway, it was already shooting above 6 l / 100. The worst consumption was in the worst conditions, that is, ascending to two peaks by offroad sections and carrying a passenger. Even so, it was around 6.5 l / 100.

In summary, a not very gastona motorcycle and that allows us to make very long trips without worrying about refueling, ideal for those who like adventure and travel great distances.

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