Emergency braking: yes, no
Emergency braking: yes, no

The emergency braking (also called hand cancer in my inner circles) or panic braking It consists of stopping the motorcycle (or at least trying it) without prior notice due to some kind of mishap on the road.

Whereas in a four-wheeled vehicle it is only necessary to apply thoroughly on the brake pedal and then, depending on the skill of the driver and if the vehicle is not able to stop in time, try or not to avoid it; on a motorcycle everything is a bit more complicated.

It should follow almost the same protocol than in a normal braking, but preventing precisely panic from taking over us. First of all, rear brake. Just a moment, just enough for the bike to flatten out and start transferring weight to the front wheel.

Then front brake to continue putting weight on the front tire, then practically release the pedal and apply maximum stopping power at the front. Of course, always controlling that we are not going to get fired forward if we go over.

If we have ABS, more or less the same with the advantage that ABS will save us from excess pressure on the front brake if we still do not have enough weight load. In addition, if they are ninth generation ABS, we will have the advantage that it will detect if our rear wheel is raised and will avoid falling by ears.

Here are two examples. How not to make an emergency or panic braking and how to do it. Also this second takes all my admiration because he does not get involved in a stupid discussion as on other occasions. German had to be (the video is shot on an Autobahn).

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