Do you feel watched when driving on the road? the question of the week
Do you feel watched when driving on the road? the question of the week

This morning I went for a ride with the motorcycle, in the end it was almost 200 kilometers through the province. But on returning home I have realized how little I have enjoyed those 200 kilometers. It may be a feeling of mine, but of all those kilometers I have only enjoyed in a section of 14 kilometers, the ones that mark a mountain pass. The rest has been almost no fun. Why?

Well, because I have traveled on a national highway with speed limits of 80 km / h in sections, continuous areas marked as "accident concentration section". In that space I will have passed in front of no less than five radars, and to end the day an agent of the national police stopped me for passing a control on the right, while the agent was on the left of the road. Some of you will think that the problem is that I have not been able to squeeze the horses out of the bike, but I can assure you that what I was trying to do was not that. Simply I wanted to enjoy the bike quietly And I've had to worry more about making sure I was within the limits of the law than I did about driving. Has something like this ever happened to you too?

Do you feel watched when driving on the road?

Last week I asked you if we Spaniards prefer the "big donkey, walk or not" when choosing a motorcycle to buy. The most voted answer is the one that Maikenai has left us:

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