Polini Maxi Hi Speed, powering Piaggio 125 4T 3 V engines
Polini Maxi Hi Speed, powering Piaggio 125 4T 3 V engines

Polini It has not taken long to launch a new variator developed exclusively for the engine Piaggio 125 4T 3V. In this way, the future Vespa 946 as well as the rest of the Italian giant's motorcycles that have this engine can benefit from higher performance.

The new Polini Maxi HI Speed variator benefits from new lubrication system that already rides the Polini Hi Speed. A large inner bag performs the function of an internal fat reservoir. Inside, there is a spring-like system that constantly distributes the grease on the bolt regardless of the working conditions.

Two are the Benefits direct from this lubrication system. On the one hand, the performance remains constant for a longer time, not being necessary to modify the settings of the rollers. On the other hand, maintenance costs they decrease due to the better lubrication of both the bolt and the nozzle, which is now made of special hardened and ground chrome nickel steel.

As for another important part of the Polini Maxi HI Speed variator, how are the tracks rollersThese have a polishing treatment that improves sliding. The rollers are coated with a new mixture of nylon material and aramid fibers that achieves better resistance to wear.

Finally, the contrast spring Supplied, it is 7% harder than the original, thus increasing the rotation speed at the outlets. The new variator Polini Maxi HI Speed It achieves more powerful acceleration and a higher engine progression than the Piaggio engine equipped with the standard variator.

The price of the new drive Polini Maxi HI Speed (reference 241.710) is 143, 99 € including VAT.

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