Nexx X30.V a futuristic modular helmet
Nexx X30.V a futuristic modular helmet

Again Nexx presents us with a futuristic helmet that is available to current users. This time it's about Nexx X30. V a helmet that combines the comfort and aesthetics of a jet with the versatility of a modular and the protection of a full face. The helmet-shaped panacea? Let's see what they offer us.

The main thing is that this helmet comes with the CCP system (Chin Crash Protection or what is the same as a chin bump protector). This system uses a combination of rubber materials and a mechanism that separates from the helmet when it receives an impact of a certain level. This helmet has an exterior folding chin guard and an internal one that is fixed. In this way, even if you wear the helmet completely open, your face will still be protected.

The Nexx X30. V has passed the tests carried out at the IBSR in Belgium, which guarantees its quality. The outer shell is made of thermoplastic resin to save weight as much as possible. The design offers a wide field of vision thanks to its large screen made of anti-scratch Lexan. This screen works with a very simple opening system and also incorporates flip-up sunglasses by means of a lever on the outside of the helmet. The interior is lined with anti-allergy material and the pads can be easily removed. The closure is micrometric and on the back we find reflective inserts to improve visibility in low light conditions.

Finally, and in addition to all these details that we have already reviewed, the Nexx X30. V is designed to be aerodynamic as neutral as possible eliminating the pressure created by wind resistance on it. To avoid the formation of mist and to achieve the best ventilation inside the helmet, it has multiple ventilation inlets on the upper part and on the chin guard.

The helmet is available in sizes from XS to XXL with three different designs. The so-called Core which is the smoothest and simplest and which costs 197 euros including VAT. The Plain version has more aggressive lines with solid colors, it costs 212 euros with VAT included. And the Viper version, with a more sophisticated look than the others and that costs 225 euros with VAT.

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