The effects of riding a motorcycle without a helmet
The effects of riding a motorcycle without a helmet

I think that from the first day of MotorpasiĆ³n Moto we have not stopped remembering that The use of a helmet is the best safety measure that we can take on a motorcycle. In addition to dressing and shoes properly. In all these years we have seen some quite forceful campaigns about the effects that a fall can produce without wearing a helmet, and even this one that writes you spoke at the time of what it feels like in the first person, even if you do not fall off a motorcycle but of the hood of a car at low speed.

But we still had to see what what happens when you drive without a helmet. That huge jet of air that hits you in the face until it is disfigured and that some do not want to stop feeling. Today I bring you the video of a brainless man who drives his motorcycle without wearing any type of protection. You are lucky that not even a mosquito crosses your path throughout the tour. Because at any speed above zero, what hits you in the face hurts, and it hurts a lot, no matter how small. Again, remember that the use of a helmet is not only required by law, but common sense also reminds us that it must be worn.

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