CEV Repsol 2013: we arrived in Navarra with the news of the changes in the championship
CEV Repsol 2013: we arrived in Navarra with the news of the changes in the championship

This weekend plays again an appointment with one of our few national prides (for now), the CEV Repsol, As Carlos explained to us, it will undergo important changes for 2014 when it is under the protection of the FIM. Monopoly practices aside, the truth is that we will find the fifth test that is disputed on Navarrese soil, in the Los Arcos Circuit, after its premiere on the calendar last year.

But for now let's focus on the purely sports, where as we well know the greatest interest, given the tightness of the general classification, is in Moto3, having to Bryan schouten as a leader but for very little. Another sing are the categories of Moto2 and Stock Extreme, where Roman Ramos in the first and Xavi Forés in the second, they dominate with an iron fist. It is also important to know that the Moto2 boys will have a double appointment in Navarra.

And let's start precisely with the boys of Moto2, where, as Ramos said, it has a fairly noticeable advantage and is making it a film. It has 33 points of advantage about the second classified, which is Alejandro Mariñelarena and that he will have two cartridges at home to try to stop Roman. That in terms of the title, but the race we will also have to be attentive to pilots like Jesko Raffin, Russell Gomez or Hafizh Syahrin, that by day is showing the potential that the Malaysian rider has.

On Stock Extreme things are crystal clear, and there is a pilot who dominates the category in an amazing way. We are talking of course about Xavi Forés, that despite his problems to continue contesting the championship, that he dominates it with 24 point advantage upon Carmelo Morales, which is no small thing considering the entity of the rival. Xavi has won four of the five races held. The other animators in the category will be the usual ones: Adrián Bonastre, Iván Silva, Santi Barragán, and so on.

CEV Navarra
CEV Navarra

And as I already mentioned, the hottest point of the weekend will be once again in the race of Moto3, where these little ones do not stop giving us surprises and excitement. Lead the table Bryan Schouten, but only two points ahead of Marcos Ramírez. The funny thing is that neither of them has won a race this year. In any case, the group of candidates for the final title is still extensive, and we can also cite Jorge Navarro, Alejandro Medina or Adrián Martín.

As usual, the races can be followed by Energy, at least until they decide to put sand castles on us, which is good for them. So do not get too excited about seeing the second Moto2 race, which gives me that we will be left with the desire. What a fabric! In any case, these are the hours:

  • 11:00 Moto2 (18 laps)
  • 12:00 Stock Extreme (18 laps)
  • 13:00 Moto3 (17 laps)
  • 14:00 Moto2 (18 laps)

And going back to the initial topic of the inclusion of this championship under the umbrella of the FIM (it is that it sounds good Carlos, hehe), to be honest I only see one more move towards an absurd monopoly in which they make it clear from the beginning which is the way to follow if you ever want to reach the World Cup. Obviously, this will destroy other national championships. And that, not to mention the increase in costs if you have to leave Spain. Now, yes, I guarantee that the friends who sign these agreements are not short of money precisely and have their backs well covered.

In any case, we can stay calm, since the acronym will continue to be CEV, which happens that instead of Spanish Speed Championship, will be the Ezpeleta Speed Championship. You will see, now, at this rate … For now, let's try to enjoy the races on Sunday without thinking about these little things. We sure enjoy ourselves.

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