HelpMeOut! Immediate assistance for injured motorists
HelpMeOut! Immediate assistance for injured motorists

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the presentation of which in a few weeks will be the first app developed for detect when a motorist has an accident and automatically launch a help message. It's about the app HelpMeOut! developed by a couple of Asturian computer engineers and is currently in the final phase of development.

The assistance of the injured person in the first minutes is very important. Hence, the first hour is called "The golden hour." When assistance is effective, the injured person has a much better chance of survival. ADAC was precisely one of the details that was launched in Germany, guaranteeing that its motorway network had medical assistance in less than 15 minutes after the accident was reported.

What's going on if we suffer an accident and nobody sees us? It is not strange that some motorcyclists enjoy their hobby alone and sometimes, on a road where not a soul circulates, we can suffer a mishap and no one notices our situation.

In this case is when HelpMeOut! takes center stage, detecting that we have suffered an accident, locating our position by Gps and sending it by SMS to the phone number that we have designated in the application.

It will be available in Castilian and will be launched first in Android to later be also available for operating systems ios from Apple. We will tell you more details.

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