Superbikes Netherlands 2013: where to watch it on television
Superbikes Netherlands 2013: where to watch it on television

Third quote from Superbike World Championship And just as Jesus told us a few hours ago, we arrived at the Cathedral. The Circuit of Assen, where traditionally fierce races have been held, it is sure to have a magnificent show in store for us this weekend.

There is no news with the schedules since in Superbikes, the races are held on Sunday and at the usual time. Teledeporte will broadcast the Superpole live on Saturday and the races on Sunday, as well as Eurosport for those outside of Spain. Again we will have technical comments from Rubén Xaus and Joan Lascorz so again you will have to be with your ears open and your brain like a sponge to learn.

Next, the broadcasting times and the respective channels.

Saturday 27: * Superpole: 15:00 (Teledeporte)

Sunday 28: * Superpole delayed: 09:45 (Eurosport 2) * Superstock: 10:30 (Eurosport 2) * First SBK race: 12:00 (Teledeporte - Eurosport 2) * Supersport: 13:30 (Teledeporte - Eurosport) * Second SBK race: 15:30 (Teledeporte)

Monday 29: * First delayed SBK race: 09:45 (Eurosport) * Second delayed SBK race: 10:30 (Eurosport) * First delayed SBK race: 14:00 (Eurosport 2)

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