Quadro 350D, test (conclusions, video and photo gallery)
Quadro 350D, test (conclusions, video and photo gallery)

What do you think of the Quadro 350D? Have I managed to convey the sensations that are at your controls? Did you find it a safe and useful vehicle? I think so, that it is a very valid vehicle for day to day and that transmits total confidence in its driving, whatever the state of the road on which we circulate. Or at least that was the idea with which I left Moto Sport Ángel after returning the test vehicle to them.

But also no matter how much I tell you, there is nothing better than see how it works with our own eyes and for this we have prepared the following video in which you can perfectly see how the two wheels work alternately when tilting from one side to the other. As they say: inside video!


I hope that with these images have you been able to understand a little more this different concept of means of transport, especially if you have not had the opportunity to see it rolling through the streets.

As a good vehicle with your sights set on a scooter, the Quadro 350D It has a generous gap under the seat. While is true that they do not take two full face helmets, if we can keep one in the back and another of the jet type in front. We will even have some room to store something else. And to make it more comfortable, the hole has courtesy light.

During the test, we were able to measure a average consumption of about five liters, which may seem a bit high considering that it cubes just over 300cc. However, it is not so much if we take into account its weight and that during much of the test we used it in duet and thoroughly on the highway. With this consumption, their theoretical autonomy reaches up to 260 kilometers, a very good figure.

I forgot to comment that the vision through the rear-view mirrors it is very good and at all times we know what is happening behind us. Secondly, the overall finishes of the Quadro 350D are a bit rough. The adjustments of some plastics, especially those of the handlebar and which are the first we see, could be better with gaps and grooves that are too large. In comparison, the Piaggio MP3 has better finishes in this respect.

The Quadro 350D price, of which there is only one version, is 6.199 €. Compared to a 300cc scooter it is expensive, but a scooter of this capacity could not be driven with a car license and we would have to stay at 125cc.

If we compare it with its direct rival from Piaggio, we have several options although all more expensive. The one that comes closest to it in price is the Piaggio MP3 300 Yourban LT, which can also be carried with the B card. It starts at a price of € 6,290, although for packaging it would be better to compare it with the Piaggio MP3 300 LT Touring and this its price goes up to 7.723 €.

We are therefore talking about a difference of just over € 1,500, which in these figures in which we move is quite a lot. I have not been able to test the thrust of the new Piaggio Propeller 300 but with all the people I have talked to, they say that it is a bomb so it may be a little higher in performance, as well as in finishes.

As for sensations at your controls, Quadro 350D requires a short break-in period, something more than the Piaggio MP3 although once used there are no big differences other than that the Quadro is a bit more lazy at low speed and does not have blocking for the traffic lights, so you have to trust your balance.

Already focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the Quadro 350D, we have stayed short on benefits and personally I would demand one more point in the finishes. Likewise, although once parked the front axle is blocked with the handbrake, in case of being stopped for a long time it is advisable to leave it on the stand for safety. The blockage of the valve can allow small amounts of oil to pass over the hours, thereby jeopardizing its verticality.

Quadro 350D
Quadro 350D

Fortunately, despite its weight, the easel lever is very well studied and it costs nothing to go up or down the easel. Another detail is that the fuel cap does not have a hinge.

What strengths and above all, its stability is flawless. Now you can invent the doggies that you can think of that will not move from the front. I even heard it screeching like a car. The limits are on the one hand where you have in the head and on the other, the trestle or the elbow of the escapement depends on whether we are talking about the left or right side.

Braking is also outstanding. Only the pumping that is felt between the lever and the pedal if we apply both brakes at the same time, which makes the braking feel a bit looser.

It is as we said a ideal vehicle for those car users For those who are too small for a 125 but do not want to get their license and at the same time, they want to save themselves the learning that requires knowing the reactions of a motorcycle when we brake with the front or rear, panic braking, slippery asphalt, etc.

Quadro 350D
Quadro 350D

Quadro 350D

  • Motor:
    • Type: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooled
    • Displacement: 313 cm³
    • Power max. dec.: 22 hp at 7,000 rpm
    • Torque max. Dec: 23.6 Nm at 6,000 rpm
  • Transmission:
    • Clutch: Automatic centrifugal dry
    • Change: Automatic variator
    • Transmission: V-belt
  • Suspensions:
    • Front: Adjustable hydropneumatic
    • Rear: Double shock absorber adjustable in preload
  • Brakes:
    • Front: 240mm double disc
    • Rear: 256mm disc
  • Wheels:
    • Front: 14 "x 2.75 Aluminum Alloy, 110 / 80-14" Tubeless
    • Rear: 15 "x 3, 50 Aluminum Alloy, 140 / 70-15" Tubeless
  • Dimensions:

    • Total length: 2,270 mm
    • Wheelbase: 1,565 mm
    • Seat height: 780 mm
    • Fuel tank: 13.5 liters
    • Average consumption measured: 5 liters
    • Dry weight: 198 kg
  • Assessment:
    • Engine: 5
    • Stability: 10
    • Suspensions: 8, 5
    • Brakes: 10
    • Aesthetics: 7, 5
    • Finishes: 5, 5
    • Rider comfort: 8, 5
    • Passenger comfort: 9, 5
    • Average rating: 8, 06
    • In favor: Stability, braking, price against rivals
    • Against: Engine, finishes
  • Price:6.199 €

Note: The Quadro 350D It was loaned by Moto Sport Ángel. Gasoline expenses have been borne by the publisher. For more information, consult our policy of relations with companies.

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