Bikers are dangerous, bad and unsupportive people
Bikers are dangerous, bad and unsupportive people

With the bad reputation that those of us who ride motorcycles have. With the time it has taken us to get to compose this image of tough guys (and some even tougher aunt) now this biker comes and leaves us in evidence. Because it turns out that in this social group of those who ride motorcycles there are people who care about others. What is it able to leave the motorcycle parked on the sidewalk to go down to help an old man who has fallen.

Yes, you read that right, this biker has done a good deed helping a stranger. Such audacity will have been seen. Luckily, as soon as he does his good deed and gets back on the bike, he runs the traffic light so as not to be late for his appointment. If you don't believe me, I recommend that you watch the video below.

(Mode ironic off) Now that you've seen the video, we can get serious and thank this man for lending a hand to the old man who fell on the sidewalk. Something that not many people are capable of, whether they are a biker, car driver or pedestrian. Because it seems that currently each one goes his own way without worrying about what happens next to him. Fortunately, the crisis is awakening solidarity instincts again, as Albi showed us on Monday when he told us about how they lit up an airstrip in Peru.

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