The record of Freddie Spencer that Marc Márquez will not be able to achieve
The record of Freddie Spencer that Marc Márquez will not be able to achieve

We are facing one of those riders who are called to mark an era in the MotoGP World Championship. Marc Márquez just smashed Freddie Spencer's record and he has become the youngest rider to achieve a victory in the top class of the world championship. The media has been quick to remind us that the young man from Cervera is on a meteoric race to the top and that no one knows where his ceiling is.

Some say that Marc's genius is revealing those of us who say that MotoGP is a complicated category. Because of the knowledge that is needed to fine-tune one of these motorcycles, because of how complicated it is to drive one of these motorcycles to the limit, in short because they are the most technologically cutting-edge motorcycles in the world. These enlightened ones say that Marc makes the difficult easy. I prefer to think that Marc is an outstanding rider (or cum laude) but that is also surrounded by what we could consider the best team in the world.

But there is a Freddie Spencer record that Marc Márquez never seems to be able to take away from him. Because Freddie Spencer was crowned 250cc and 500cc world champion in 1985 in the same season. Winning seven of the ten races that he contested in 250 and winning seven of the eleven races of 500 cc contested. Something that as the World Cup has progressed has become an impossible mission. Now it would seem like an incredible feat not to win two races on the same day, but to take the balance in two races on the same day. And that by schedule it seems that you could even consider playing a Moto2 race and then getting on a MotoGP to give the call for 45 more minutes.

Mission Impossible? It looks like it is. The last driver to achieve a double of this caliber was Jorge Martínez "Áspar" in 1988, which that year won the 80 cc and 125 cc world championships. Before him and Spencer there were a few who also won several World Cups in the same season. The "stupidity" of three World Cups in the same season has not been achieved by anyone. So once all the records available to such an exceptional rider like Marc are finished, What will be the next, the 15 titles of Giacomo Agostini?

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