Would you like to appear in an 'The Avengers' comic with a Harley-Davidson? Well now you can
Would you like to appear in an 'The Avengers' comic with a Harley-Davidson? Well now you can

I guarantee you from the outset that with this that I am going to tell you, you can fulfill at least a couple of dreams, and that is, who has not ever dreamed of appearing in a comic? What about having a Harley-Davidson personalized? Surely a few of you have raised your hand. Well, this can become a reality with the contest that they have jointly launched Harley-Davidson and Marvel, taking advantage of the pull of the imminent premiere of Iron Man 3.

What we have to do is design our own hero, which as we wear it we will base it on ourselves, right? And then they put a Harley-Davidson on us so that we can customize it as we want, without any limit. And now the good thing comes, which is the prize, since from the outset, our hero design as well as that of the motorcycle, will be drawn in one of the 'Avengers' comics, which is already luxurious. But there is still more …

And it is that if your designs really turn out to be the chosen ones, too You will take home a Harley-Davidson Street Bob just as you imagined it. Do not tell me that the award does not deserve that we dedicate a few minutes to create our particular works of art.

For the occasion they have put at our disposal an exclusive page to participate in this striking contest. Of course, we will have to fill in all our personal data to start designing our hero and motorcycle. I admit that I have not registered yet, but everything will work out, that the award deserves it. We have until next May 31, and the winner will be known at the Comic-Con. So nothing, things seem complicated but someone has to win, do you dare?

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