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Milan Motor Show 2012: Honda CB1100, a nod to the past
Milan Motor Show 2012: Honda CB1100, a nod to the past

Alberticu already brought it to us a little over a month ago on the occasion of its official presentation at the Cologne Salon 2012. But another of the novelties of Sling at the Milan Motor Show 2012 is this Honda CB1100, a motorcycle that draws directly from the design of its successful predecessor, the CB750 Four. With the premise of satisfying the taste of motorcyclists who do not see their needs or desires covered with modern cut motorcycles, the CB1100 arises, with the more than healthy intention of being on the path of those who like motorcycles. retro look, how fashionable is it getting lately.

Now on the occasion of EICMA 2012, we complete the information about this CB1100 and also a video where you can see it in motion.

Honda CB1100
Honda CB1100

The great goal of Sling when designing this CB1100 It has been to preserve the style of the motorcycles that triumphed on the roads of the world thanks to breaking with the molds established at that time, and that now a sector of motorcyclists look back with longing. Pure and simple lines dominate this bike with classic air and modern technology.

Aesthetically, the five-double-spoke wheels (aluminum in this millennium), the two-seater seat run without tail, the fuel tank with that seventies air and the many chrome parts stand out. The colors offered will be three: pearl milky white, graphite black and glory red. Without a doubt, the one that remains the best of all is cherry red, it wins by a landslide.

The wheels that you will mount on those beautiful rims will not seem anachronisms as it happens in other motorcycles, and in front we will have a tire of 110/80 and behind a 140/70, both about 18 inch wheels. A success that of not getting carried away and mounting shoes that break the general aesthetics of the motorcycle.

Honda CB1100
Honda CB1100

Although it has that old look, it does not renounce a good dose of technology, such as the team of brakes provided with C-ABS, adjustable suspensions, system of electronic injection PGM-FI and a control panel that combines two analog dials and a digital panel. The brakes are doubled over those of the CB750, and this Honda CB1100 it mounts a front double disc brake with six-piston calipers much more in line with modern canons.

The technology is also reflected in the work that Japanese engineers have put into making an economical engine with a declared consumption of 3.98 liters at 100 kilometers, which together with the 14.6-liter tank becomes almost 400 kilometers of autonomy. A long dose of kilometers in which to enjoy the smoothness that the engine will offer, although with a good dose of fun, with 93 Nm of torque at just 5,000 revolutions it will have a thrust that will give game.

Honda CB1100

  • Motor
    • Type: Four cylinder in line, DOHC, air and oil cooled
    • Volume: 1140 cm3
    • Bore x stroke: 73.5 x 67.2mm
    • Compression ratio: 9.5: 1
    • Maximum power: 66 kW / 7,500 rpm (95/1 / EC)
    • Maximum torque: 93 Nm / 5,000 rpm (95/1 / EC)
    • Idle speed: 1100 +/- 100
    • Oil capacity: 4.9 liters
  • Fuel system
    • Carburetion: PGM-FI electronic gasoline injection
    • Butterfly Diameter: 32mm
    • Fuel capacity: 14.6 liters (including 3.5 liters reserve
  • Electric system
    • Ignition system: Fully transistorized ignition, with battery
    • Ignition advance: 10 °
    • Spark plug type: NGK - LMAR8A - 9S
    • Electrical start
    • Battery capacity: YTZ14S WET 12 V-11, 2 Ah
    • Alternator Power: 333 W
    • Headlights: 60/55 W
  • Transmission train
    • Clutch: Wet multi-disc
    • Transmission type: 5 speed
    • Primary reduction: 1,652 (76/46)
    • Gear ratios: 1 3,166 (38/12), 2 2,062 (33/16), 3 1,545 (34/22), 4 1,250 (25/20), 5 (30/29), 6
    • Final drive Chain 2,166 (39/18)
  • Chassis and frame
    • Type: Double steel cradle
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 2195 x 835 x 1130 mm
    • Wheelbase: 1,490 mm
    • Launch angle: 27 °
    • Advance: 114 mm
    • Turning radius: 2.7 m
    • Seat height: 795 mm
    • Ground clearance: 125mm
    • Curb Weight: 248 kg
  • Suspension
    • Front: 41mm Conventional Fork
    • Rear: Double shock absorber with adjustable spring preload
  • Wheels
    • Front wheel: Die-cast aluminum
    • Rear wheel: Die-cast aluminum
    • Front rim: 18M / CxMT2.50
    • Rear tire: 18M / CxMT4.00
    • Front tire: 110 / 80-18
    • Rear tire: 140 / 70-18
  • Brakes
    • Front: Hydraulic double disc with six-piston calipers
    • Rear: Hydraulic Disc