The next Superbike World Championship and the hand of DORNA
The next Superbike World Championship and the hand of DORNA

Go ahead, this that I am going to tell you is still speculation, but it seems that the World Superbike will undergo a major transformation shortly. According to all the media, last month the FIM, DORNA, Infront and 23 teams and the five brands that are currently involved in the Superbike World Championship held a meeting in Geneva (Switzerland) to clarify the line to follow in the very near future.

This future, according to account Simon Buckmaster, of the PTR Honda World Supersport team, goes through the implementation of a single control unit, limitations on engines and tires and more exhaustive control of logistics costs. So far more or less the measures that we all knew to a greater or lesser extent.

But according to Motorsprint the change is going to be much more radical. It seems that, delving into the idea that the Superbike World Championship is a series derivative motorcycle world championship, they propose eliminating the Superstock 1000 and Superstock 600 categories to make room for a category of 250cc series motorcycles. Thus we would see three categories with motorcycles much more similar to those that we can buy at any dealer.

It is clear that with these categories entering the World Superbike would be more affordable for teams and it would not be an essential condition to have the backing of a brand to have equipment capable of winning races. And it continues to come true that on Monday you can go buy the motorcycle you saw winning on Sunday at the circuit. Without having to invest a million in buying any of the special versions that brands currently make to pass the Superbike homologation.

On the other hand, it continues to guarantee that the MotoGP World Championship will remain exclusively for prototypes, with the advantages and disadvantages that this implies. And on the rebound, DORNA can more easily sell the image rights to a championship currently broadcast by only a few television networks. On the sidelines are considerations such as that this championship was gaining impact among fans by having more entertaining races than MotoGP or with many more brands directly involved in it than in the prototypes.

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