Eysink Renata 50cc Model B Tandem Moped from 1956
Eysink Renata 50cc Model B Tandem Moped from 1956

Honestly, I never thought that I would ever see a bike with these characteristics. However they existed and you already know the saying: never say this water I will not drink and this priest is not my father. The motorcycle that you can see (or should I say the tandem) is a Eysink Renata 50cc Model B built in 1956 and due to be auctioned in Las Vegas shortly. If, like me, it has intrigued you, let's get to know a little more about it.

The company Eysink was founded in Amersfood, Holland, on 1890 and in its beginnings, as almost always happens with all manufacturers of this time, it was dedicated to building bicycles and later, motorcycles and even automobiles. In 1920 its production began to dedicate itself exclusively to motorcycles.

It used both its own engines and other engines from British and European motorcycle manufacturers in its models. Its greatest boom was in the years before World War II when its model range included large twin-cylinder engines and even racing motorcycles.

Just at the end of the Second World War, he would achieve his greatest milestone in competition which was the first place in the 1946 and 1948 Dutch Grand Prix.

These strange “tandem” motorcycle models began to be built in 1952, and now that you know that the company is Dutch, its shape logically reminds us of those latitudes.

At first its name was Renata ”To later adopt the name of the company,“Eysink”. They were built in three versions different called Models A, B and Deluxe.

The Model A It was fitted with a Berini engine that was placed on the front wheel, in the image and likeness of Velosolex mopeds. The Model b, which is the one you can see in the photo, it had a JLO motor (No, it is not a Jeniffer Lopez motor) already placed in a, let's say, normal position. Finally, the version Deluxe it was a step beyond the Model B but loaded with luxury.

The model that will go up for auction in this Eysink Renata 50cc Model B of 1956 (in the United States they are quite rare) is valued between 230 and 390 €Come on, what is said is a real bargain, although we will see at what price it ends.