'A champion on wheels', a book by Luigi Garlando for kids and not so little
'A champion on wheels', a book by Luigi Garlando for kids and not so little

There are just a few hours to go until we see if, after being so good, the Three Wise Men have behaved with us as we deserve. Well, in addition to the gifts that I already noted on my list for this year, I would not mind finding a copy of A champion on wheels, a book of Luigi garlando that, although it came out last June, I found out about its existence the other day while shopping. Is recommended for an age range of 9 to 14 years, but I already tell you that if I didn't take it home it was simply because there was only one and it was a bit down.

The point is that novel type books that revolve around the world of motorcycles are not particularly lavish in general, and this funny youthful story can calm our cravings. That story in question is that of Ricky, a boy who with his family leaves Milan to move to Rimini, an area in which we all already know that motorcycling has quite a few followers. In this environment, our protagonist will suffer the usual upheavals of change and will end up making friends with Angelica and Pistón, two new friends who will open the doors to the wonderful world of mini-bikes.

A) Yes, It won't take long for Ricky to experience the strong emotions of the first races and of course he will try to become a champion. Needless to say, it will not be a path of roses precisely. It will be his mother who supports him, since his father, who was a pilot and retired prematurely, does not see him with very good eyes. In short, a typical story but one that undoubtedly promises. The author is Luigi Garlando as I was saying, a sports journalist in La Gazzetta dello Sport, He graduated in Modern Letters and began his literary career through comics. Now there are already several youth titles that he has under his arm such as the series Goal or Reporters 3, 2, 1… Action!

By the way, the publication is provided by Montena and its price is 14, 95 euros. So you know, if you have a boy at home this may be the perfect gift, but I repeat that I really find it very desirable to read. I'll wait impatiently to see if the Kings have agreed, and if not, I'll take care of scheduling it. In any case, have a good night and be nice to all of you.