RideApart: Miguel Galluzzi's interview in Spanish
RideApart: Miguel Galluzzi's interview in Spanish

You will remember how, at the end of November, I was excited to publish the last chapter of the RideApart program produced by Jamie Robinson. An amazing Jamie interview thanks to one of the characters with the best design taste, Miguel Galluzzi. He was responsible for the lines of the Ducati Monster or the Aprilia RSV4, an Argentine who left his country in search of opportunities and who today looks to the past with longing, to the present with doubts and to the future with hope. That day I asked you for a bit of support to make subtitles in Spanish for the DRIVE videos. Well then, thanks, because here it is RideApart in Spanish.

I hope that 2013 brings more good news of this type and that the spectacular material that DRIVE is producing reaches an audience of millions of people who speak Spanish anywhere in the world. I will try to make it on a regular basis and Every week RideApart is available in our language.

Before I forget, I would also appreciate some kind of feedback in the comments of the video on YouTube to make that gratitude notice.

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