Erik Buell prepares his return
Erik Buell prepares his return

It's been a year since we had news about the new brand Erik Buell Racing (EBR) which, led by Erik Buell himself, presented us with the first EBR model. Specifically the EBR 1190RS that many of you described as a “Ducatized” Buell. Since then nothing else has been heard of Erik Buell's plans but again I have come across this model and new news about Erik's company. It seems that a group of investors have trusted in their new project and are willing to financially support this new adventure so Erik Buell Racing (EBR) will soon be able to start producing three new models.

These three new models that Erik Buell Racing (EBR) announces on his own website as future models are: EBR RX 1190cc the most economical of all, the ERB SX, a naked sport and the ERB AX, a trail that would collect the heritage of the ancient Buell Ulysses. These models, together with the sports car that we already know, EBR 1190RS, would complete the EBR range. And despite the fact that they tell us that the new models will come out at a tighter price than in their old stage as Buell, the last reference that we have, which is precisely the price of the sports EBR 1190RS at € 28,200, is not at all hopeful. But of course, of this only 100 units were manufactured and now they say that they have managed to lower production costs a lot.

Surely to this reduction of costs responds that the three motorcycles are going to share the same V2 engine and of course, they will also have the characteristic perimeter brake and its oil tank integrated into the frame. We will have to be attentive as the new models that expect to be in stores in 2014, since the good work of Erik Buell is sure to be present in these new creations.

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