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Pikes Peak 2012: Final Gallery, Highlights & Full On Board Upload by Greg Tracy
Pikes Peak 2012: Final Gallery, Highlights & Full On Board Upload by Greg Tracy

Today is entertainment. In the third and last article of the Pikes Peak special we have compiled a huge gallery of photos of all the galleries to collect some of the most important moments of the test. To continue with that feast for the eyes we also include Greg Tracy's full on-board upload, almost ten minutes of cliffs and gas without contemplations.

Pikes Peak 2012: turn on the speakers and put the full screen

This is one of those videos with amazing mesmerizing power, good video quality - recorded with a Contour - and an unrivaled audio track. Because in these cases it is always best not to invade the sound of the machines with a music track that will surely ruin the final result. If you watch the full video you will find moments a bit … "complicated" like the one at 9:17, and that, let's remember, that it is not giving gas at 100%.

Pikes Peak 2012: Travis Tollett was the first quadriplegic to participate

Travis tollet He was able to achieve his dream of racing above the clouds at Pikes Peak 2012. He entered the exhibition category, where there are no mechanical limits. Travis, taking that "no limits" very much to heart did not let his quadriplegia, due to an injury very similar to that of Joan Lascorz, would be a barrier to achieve your dreams. On board a Polaris RZR XP built by his co-pilot, John Stallworth, to suit his needs Travis completed the climb in 14 minutes and 19 seconds.

Pikes Peak 2012: Jeremy Foley and the greatest of fears

On Tuesday we discussed it with Greg Tracy, Is Pikes Peak less dangerous now? No, his answer was forceful in addition to underlining the danger of having considerably increased the average and top speed achieved. The risk is in every meter in the form of a precipice with no return from which only a portion of luck could save you. That is the case of Jeremy foley, who went off the track and left us one of the most chilling images of the year. Pilot and copilot survived the accident, as well as some GoPro cameras that were installed and of which you can see the images in the following links: side camera, rear camera, roof camera.

Finally, before leaving you with the macro-gallery that you see below these lines, I must thank the collaboration of My Life at Speed and his entire team for facilitating the task and giving us the images. Thanks!

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