Rumors place Andrea Iannone in MotoGP for 2013. No wonder, with those times
Rumors place Andrea Iannone in MotoGP for 2013. No wonder, with those times

1'48.3 It has been the best time that he has achieved Andrea Iannone on the official Ducati at the end of three days of practice at the Mugello circuit. And this time improves the 1'48.444 achieved by Valentino Rossi in the Mugello Grand Prix race just over a month and a half ago. Admittedly, the track conditions this week were better, but as they say: in the rula they don't ask …

… but if they point and in this case, everything points to Andrea Iannone will be with Ducati next year in that junior team that resonates so much in recent weeks. Your partner? Well, according to rumors, it could almost certainly be Ben Spies. A rider who longs for the Yamaha leaves and two arrive, disenchanted to a certain extent point with the Japanese brand. The Italian is almost confirmed, you just have to read his statements:

Andrea Iannnone

Logically at Ducati they are all very happy with the performance of Andrea Iannone, most certainly Filippo Preziosi, director of the competition department, the Reparto Corse, who they have not raised their heads for two years.

And now I ask a question: surely some will tear their clothes. Andrea Iannone for Héctor Barberá? Bradley Smith with the Tech 3? Have we gone crazy? Yes, just as crazy as when these same individuals said that Ducati had lost their way by signing Casey Stoner after his crawl through the LCR Honda.

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