Motorcycle? Tricycle? It's the same, have fun with the Drift
Motorcycle? Tricycle? It's the same, have fun with the Drift

The other day reading MotorpasiĆ³n Futuro I discovered what they call D3 Drift Trike And of course, like everything that has wheels and serves to release adrenaline I like, this one in particular I like even more, since with the invention you are able to perform skid after skid with apparent ease, so I began to investigate this tricycle for Drift.

It seems that Australian drifters tired of having to be towed by another vehicle to perform their drifts have pulled this prototype that has a 3kW electric motor front-wheel drive and a battery under your seat to get it going. It is also accompanied by a disc brake to stop the set that they say comes to reach 80 km / h.

The Australian triker seems quite simple and stable, in fact you can tell that they have a great time making endless drifts. It even seems that the rear wheels, depending on the type of route where it is going to be used, can be either made of hard plastic, or even two aluminum cylinders, which will surely make it very slippery.

The Australian trike drift team is not very clear if it will release this D3 Drift Trike or continue with its survey to see how many people would be interested in holding a competition with these gadgets. By the way, you could have already fastened the helmet "the little angel" of the video.

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